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World Star Hip-Hop is a video aggregating website for all things hip-hop culture, getting over one million unique hits a day. Sure, it receives a lot of negative press for portraying African-American communities in a negative light and, while there’s definitely a lot of room for intelligent debate about that, I’m not here to do any of it I just want to explain why I – a white 20-something Canadian with little interest in hip-hop culture – fucking love World Star Hip Hop. Highly Editorialized Headlines To be honest, half of the time I actually don’t even know what to expect from a video based on the headlines alone. That’s definitely in part due to my unfamiliarity with their particular vernacular, but it also has to do with the fact that the editor definitely just doesn’t give a single fuck. A video of a girl dancing poorly to a song will receive the headline “Loose trick playin’ on this track!” as if I’m supposed to just interpret that for myself. The headlines also make it easier for me to know how I should feel about the video: remarks such as “So sad” or “Is this bitch for real?” often precede video titles, as if I’m some sort of Lil Wayne-loving emotionless cyborg. I also like to play a game where I count the inconsistencies within their commentary. I swear there are two completely polar opposite editors working simultaneously.

One video will be titled, “Nasty tranny takes a nose-dive!” while the next will be, “Heartless: kid gets bullied for being gay.” If you’re going to be bigoted, at least be consistent! And finally, sometimes, when you’re lucky, the headlines simply don’t make any sense. Take this one, whichI kid you not, appeared earlier this month: “This Is Why People Should Stop F*cking Animals: Baby Pig Born With A Human Shaped Head In Guatamale” [sic]. Online Drama There is an entirely massive user-base of often well-known pseudo-celebrity scenesters including musicians, promoters, honeys (hot ladies with big lady bits) and other online personalities that I was entirely unaware of. And they love to fight. People call each other out in videos. Other people Tweet hateful shit and then those tweets are referenced in other videos and blog posts and songs. In a sense, this sort of drama is actually like The Hills but for more intelligent and diligent people; there’s no tuning in once a week and having all the drama laid out for you. It actually takes work to figure out what in the flying fuck anyone is talking out. I like to treat this as my daily crossword.

The Comments At first glance, the comments on WSHH definitely seem to be comparable to that of YouTube – chalk full of talking shit, racist remarks and otherwise incomprehensible nonsense. But when you really get into the meat of it, the comments are so much more than that. If the video features white people, some people will be quick to call them out as “stupid crackers” but just as quickly, others will remark that holding their own racial prejudices only serves to justify another’s. Granted, it isn’t said quite as eloquently as this, but it’s there! There are also a whole lot of people shouting out their area codes. For a while I thought it was some meme where people sang that Ludacris song about his different hoes, but I think it’s more about respect or some shit.
The Videos Oh yeah, I like the actual content, too. Lots of people fighting and hot girls with big butts and some decent music. Oh, and they kind of have a weird obsession with Justin Bieber. And even other little shits that look like him. Seriously, it’s weird.


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