The economy is wallowing in the corner of the room in a puddle of its own tears while the gas pump collectively rapes us in the bumhole, and wealthy CEO’s and executives hold the cam-corder and swig beers. America has become the Nicholas Cage character in Leaving Las Vegas. Or Elizabeth Shue, rather, since her career hit the toilet after that movie. Welcome to the end. We deserve it. I’m kind of glad all this shit is going down, because people haven’t been punished enough for electing George Bush twice. Over 50 million Americans have come out repeatedly and voted for the neo-cons, and I’m pretty sure a very small percentage of those are wealthy CEO’s. The rest are “regular folk” who are now getting a nice, bitter taste of consequence. Your hatred of lesbians and abortion doctors outweighed everything else, and now you’re paying for it with the loss of your job, your health insurance, and possibly your son or daughter in a disastrous war. Oh wait! I’m sorry! You voted for Gore! The election was stolen! Popular vote!

Yes, all this is true. But what did you do when Katherine Harris gave Florida to the Republicunts? Riot in the streets? March to the White House? Exercise your second amendment right against an unjust system? Nope. You got better shit to do! College football is on! And that causes bigger riots than a stolen election ever would. And then 9/11 happened, you dusted off your American flag, wrapped it around George Bush’s cock, gave him a few good tugs off and let him splooge all over your patriotic face. In November of 2001, George Bush had an 88% approval rating! That’s 9 out of 10 of you, giving him the thumbs up to do whatever the fuck he wanted. And, Gosh Darnit, he did. Love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal! Would things be any better now under Gore or Kerry? It’s tough to say. But it’s not like more than a few percent of us have gone the Third Party route. We invited thieves into our homes, and now we’re acting surprised that our laptops are missing. Fuck us. We had it coming.

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