The Spore creature creator gives people the power to create their own creatures, so it's no surprise that people wasted no time creating giant titmonsters and testicows. Fantastic creatures with dongs larger than their bodies, and scrots the size of bowling balls. It’s called Sporn. User created filth just isn’t for video games. The porn industry has fallen on throbbing, seeping, hard times lately, as sites built on user created content like Redtube and YouPorn tear internet eyeballs away from for-pay barely legal teens and milf hunters. Is the user created revolution going to replace the work of professionals? Is Sporn the new porn? No, and also no. First off, even if I were into penis, I don’t see who would get off on a huge digital shambling pink dickosaur. Of course, there are people online into fantasy fiction about Snape from Harry Potter getting pregnant, so what do I know. Second, Spore is just another way for people to create what they are interested in. I met a guy in college who could draw almost any animal, but only a dick version, where large portions of the animal were replaced with a penis. So I got to see a rendition of a cockstrich, Tyrannopenis Rex, and the noble bald peeagle.

Or the cocktopus, which you think would be a regular octopus with penis shaped arms, but was actually a dick head with 8 tentacles. And balls. Spore is really just a way for people, who can’t draw or have a shy girlfriend, to make their own pornography. Humans have been using whatever tools available to make their own porno forever. I’m sure the cavemen would have been drawing upskirts on cave walls, had skirts been invented. The printing press was invented to make copies of the Bible, but how many Penthouse’s have been printed up? The Internet was designed to aid in research, but do a google image search for “balls” and see how much research pops up. Dirty magazines, Bibles, and balls all still exist, even with all the changing technology. Sporn is just one example of the future, where people can get what they want, how they want, when they want it. And that’s a good thing. Unless they want Snape pregnancy porn. That filth should be banned.


Brendan Pepper, Sean Metcalf, ARTICLES

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