Recently, a 250 lbs. kung fu practitioner with a "pretty fine" girlfriend took me to task for saying some (admittedly) mean spirited, hateful things towards fat people. I've had some other people comment that my "bigotry" towards fat people, who are responsible for their conditions, and I whom I wasn't making fun of for their race or creed, is reminiscent of... Nazi Germany. I don't know what this says about my attitude, but I have a few things I've written earn comparisons with Nazi Germany in the past, and well, let me clarify a couple of things. Comparing some 350 word essay where I took time out to specifically demean fat people, to Nazi Germany is well, even I was offended... Remember when angry skinny people, provoked by an article on Madatoms decided to burn down over 1,000 weight-watchers clinics, trash fat-people owned businesses, and then rounded up fat people, arrested them and sent them to jail? Remember when fat people were ushered out of their ownership of tire-shops and sausage stores and replaced by people in shape? Remember that hatred culminating in the state-sponsored, concentrated effort to eradicate all fat people, by putting them in concentration camps, and murdering six million of them?

The statement comparing my making fun of fat people to Nazi Germany is ludicrous, completely lacks any semblance of perspective, and under no circumstances could be considered intellectually valid. You can say something along the intangible "that kind of hate-speech leads to things like the holocaust," but that is soft reasoning which is not only impossible to prove, it is not an admissible argument to anyone with even a slight command of logic. Have small articles making fun of fat people on the internet led to documented violence on fat people? Have powerful political parties formed on explicit anti-fat people programs? Let me remind you, attempts to outlaw or stifle speech is closer to the ideological bottom line of Nazi Germany then that pesky little constitution of America’s. Someone offended you on a computer. Go cry to Anne Frank, see how much sympathy she gives you.

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