The internet has turned us all into open books. We blog about how much we hate work and Twitter about our latest bowel movements. With our friends, there are no secrets or boundaries anymore. However, I think there's still a stigma about sharing this info with mom and dad. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do. Facebook was once limited to college students. Now they've opened the floodgates, turning their site into the most popular social network ever -- but that means parents can get profiles too. That's probably the best reason possible to join the Facebook Has Jumped The Shark. So mom's got a profile. Now what? Well, it's tricky. When MySpace became uncool, we jumped to Facebook. However, there isn't currently an heir apparent to Facebook. Twitter is popular, but doesn't have all the features of Facebook, like all those wonderful zombie bite applications. Having an unironic Friendster account is pretty much unthinkable. What is Bebo? Since jumping to another site isn't an option, and your social life is totally Facebook-centric, I see three options: 1. Continue using Facebook normally, even though your mom will see that you wrote "now spread those ass cheeks, lol" as a comment on a girl's photo. (She'll call you and ask, "so who is this girl?")

2. Continue using Facebook, but watch what you post. Knowing that your mom sees the links you post on your Wall, you'll decide to refrain from posting that link to the clown porn site. Just send it to friends via AIM or Twitter. It's not as much fun, but you don't want to be asked about your "disturbing sexual preferences" next time you go home. 3. Reject your mom's friend request. This is not for the faint of heart, but you could be honest and say that your Facebook face isn't the mug you want to show your family. On the one hand, your honesty might be refreshing and you can earn your digital freedom. On the other hand, "you REJECTED a friend request from YOUR OWN MOTHER?" *Shudder* What did I do when my mom friended me? Well, I'm pretty polite on Facebook, so I'm cool with her getting my status updates. It's my Flickr account that'd make her "plotz."


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