I was dating two guys at once. Which isn’t unheard of, but it’s one of those things you don’t usually talk about. At least, not to the two guys you’re dating. There was Ben, a charming actor/model from Jersey, and Marcus, an LA-born-and-raised Republican who sort of treated me like a client. Before I share this story, I must tell you I am not a player. I’m a victim of a society oversaturated with communication. Courtship is dead. Thanks to email, texting, AIM, BMM, twitter, etc, entire romances rise and fall in less time than it takes to have breakfast. Even awkward morning-after breakfast. Case in point: Monday, I was simultaneously working towards a 1pm deadline and updating my friends on the weekend happenings. And eating a breakfast burrito. Yum. Mid iChatting my friend Jenn, Marcus (the Republican) IMed me. “Want to meet up this weekend?” Yes, yes I did want to meet up this weekend. I told him so. I answered a call, did some work, stared at the wall, iChatted Jenn some details about 8-hour-no-kiss-Ben-date and on the way to the bathroom, stopped by her desk.

“So yeah,” I exhaled, feeling like every character in every workplace-based RomCom, “What do you think?” Jenn looked up from her computer. “What?” “The actor.” “What?” “Read your IMs.” She looked at her screen. She looked back at me. “You didn’t IM me anything.” I was confused. I trotted back to my desk. She was right. I know, I know. I deserved it. Hopefully, you all can learn from my mistakes: Don’t keep more than one IM window open at a time. Or, and perhaps easier, don’t ho around.

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