My kid brother recently had his new girlfriend over for dinner. My brother is not so much a ladies' man as he is a complete nerd, so this was a big deal. Coming from a small Texas suburb and being the only Asians within a ten mile radius, my family had given up on the dream of him bringing home a nice, Chinese girl. Before the girlfriend arrived, my mom took me

And the TV was a Toshiba. But I digress. Our earlier generations always seem to get away with bigoted comments with a slight roll of the eyes and the excuse that they “come from a different time”. I once worked with a guy named Billy who casually used the most appalling slurs. Yes, he even used the N word, and not even with an -a at the end. My coworkers chalk

So here are a few rules: - It’s ok to make fun of your own race. If you’re Black, you can make jokes about Black stereotypes. If you’re Asian, you can make jokes about Asians. And typically, all minorities have a little bit of leeway in making fun of the other ones. - Everyone is allowed to make fun of White people. I know it’s not fair, but that’s how it g

That should just about cover the basics on how to avoid racism in the twenty-first century. I’m sensitive to the fact that our parents and grandparents come from a time where Civil Rights weren’t as evolved. But that time has been over for quite a while. There’s no excuse for discriminating anymore. It just gets to me how old people can be so stupid. They really


Kristin, Anton Tang, LIVING THE DREAM

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Missed Connections – Sad Slasher #1

A murderous slasher has been killing people at his creepy cabin for years - but now that a neighbor is warning people away, his supply of victims has dried up!