I recently got back from a trip to the Bahamas. When I think of visiting a tropical island, or anywhere that is known for being a tourist destination in a traditionally poor environment, I always imagine that the locals would think I'm an ignorant American and that they can easily take my money. If they didn't think I was stupid and had money to burn, why woul

Abruptly, the car stopped and a guy jumped out of the passenger seat. There’s been a lot of disagreement between my girlfriend and I over how big this guy really was. She seems to think he was like a Michael Clarke Duncan, while I swear he wasn’t any bigger than the kid from The Blind Side. The point is, his size was a definite weapon. But first, they confuse you

Since I’m a "comedian" and she has a "job," this is definitely not the natural order of things. But the worst part is that some nagging part of me is sure that the scooter rental place was in on it. The guy who worked there didn’t really try to hide the fact that he thought I was a moron with disposable income. He laughed at me as I was learning how to drive the s

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Missed Connections – Sad Slasher #1

A murderous slasher has been killing people at his creepy cabin for years - but now that a neighbor is warning people away, his supply of victims has dried up!