Hillel: What’s the name of your band? Jared: Weird Dreams. Hillel: Where’d you get your t-shirt? Jared: I don’t know. It’s an old one. Hillel: Is it actually inside out, or is it just made to look that way? Jared: Well, I got paint on it, and it looked like bird shit, so I turned it inside out. Hillel: Where’d you get your sunglasses? Jared: A vintage store. Hillel: How long have you had the beard for? Jared: Maybe… 3 weeks? Hillel: It took you 3 weeks to grow that beard? It would take me like six months to grow that beard. Jared: Really? Hillel: Well, the problem is my moustache. I look like a suicide bomber when I grow a beard. Thick, curly beard, whispy moustache. People are afraid of me. Jared: Oh no. Hillel: You gonna shave that beard when it gets hot? Jared: It grows so fast, when it gets big, I just shave it and start over. Hillel: Is that a metaphor for your music at all? Jared: [thinks] Is my beard… like my music…. Well, it grows! Hahaha.

Hillel: What do you keep in your messenger bag? Jared: I have… [starts to pull stuff out] a copy of Kerouac’s Big Sur. And my poetry book. Where I write my songs, and drawings, and whatever. Hillel: Ok, let’s talk about music. Morrissey, Yea or Nay? Jared: Big-time Nay. Hillel: What about that one song that goes, do, do, do, do, do, do-do, do-do… Jared: I don’t know that one. Hillel: What mainstream band do you like, but you’re kind of embarrassed about? Jared: Well I LOVE Hall and Oates. Hillel: That’s pretty embarrassing. Which do you like better, Hall or Oates? Jared: Oates. He’s got the moustache.

Hillel: Do you like Journey? Jared: Name some of the hits. Hillel: Don’t Stop Believing?Hillel: Do you like Journey? Jared: Name some of the hits. Hillel: Don’t Stop Believing? Jared: How’s it go? Hillel: [singing] Just a small town girl… Living in a something something… Jared: Oh yeah. Yeah I like Journey. Hillel: I hated them, until that last Sopranos episode, and now I love em! Jared: Were they on it? Hillel: You didn’t see the last Sopranos episode? Jared: No. Hillel: You don’t have a T.V.? Jared: Well, we just use it for DVDs.

Hillel: What everyone around here got against T.V? Jared: I don’t know.

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