Jared Linzmeier works at the Silverlake coffee shop Intelligentsia. His blog can be seen here. Hillel Aron: Where did you buy your shirt? Jared Linzmeier: This flannel was given to me by my girlfriend, who bought it at Walmart. HA: Walmart! In LA? JL: No, I think in San Francisco. But it’s cheap, I think it’s only 10 or 15 bucks. HA: I notice you have a scooter. Do you have a fixed-gear bicycle? JL: I do. HA: Do you have your own t-shirt company? JL: No. HA: Are you in a band? JL: No. HA: Really? JL: Not yet…. I’m learning to play the trumpet. HA: That’s cool. JL: Sometimes I practice at Barnsdall Art Park. People look at me kinda funny. HA: Do you put your hat out for money? JL: No. HA: You should…. When was the last time you were at the Cha-Cha Lounge? JL: Two weeks ago. No… it was a week ago.

HA: What kind of music do you listen to? JL: I used to listen to more hip-hop. Lately I listen to… that band Rademacher, from Fresno. This girl Glasser. HA: Hmmm… what mainstream bands do you listen to? JL: I can’t… [thinks] HA: No? JL: I listen to Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. HA: R.E.M.? JL: No. HA: Pearl Jam? JL: No. HA: Hmmm. JL: I don’t know. Gnarls Barkley?

HA: Ok. When did you stop listening to Modest Mouse? JL: The last one I listened to… was, The Moon and Antarctica. HA: Really? You didn’t go for the next one? JL: I don’t think so. HA: It had Float On. The song that was on The O.C. You didn’t get that one?! JL: I’m sure it’s good… HA: Do you watch Lost? JL: No. HA: Do you watch Survivor? JL: No. I don’t watch enough T.V.? HA: You don’t watch any T.V.??!!! JL: Not really.

HHA: You didn’t kill your T.V., did you? JL: I watch movies on… DVD. HA: What kind of scooter is that? JL: It’s a Honda Elite 80. I’m in a scooter gang. The Elitists. Watch out for them.

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