You know that one loudmouth, who, any time someone mentions The Office, has to fire off with “do you mean the American version”? What usually follows is an unasked for tirade about how “the British version is way more subtle,” and “why do Americans need to package everything for themselves?” Finally, said dork rattles off a dozen other “brilliant” British titles (League of Gentlemen, Brass Eye), only to become both flabbergasted and indignant with your unfamiliarity of any of them (“Really, you’ve never heard of Alan Partridge?) Well sir, I am that dork. Yup, I take a certain pride in knowing about obscure comedy from across the pond. Beats watching Two and a Half Men. Plus, the jokes are so well spoken and intelligent, that every punchline is like a funny grammar lesson. The actors are all pretty pasty across the board, but what they lack in pigment, they make up for in dignified hilarity. So, if you lack a fulfilling social life, and wish to become an anglophanboy yourself, take my advice: Pirate! Pirate! Pirate! The Internet is kind of like the Old West right now, in the sense that if you want something, you can take it. Marry this classic American ideal with a wealth of digitized Britcoms, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for laughs of a nobler nature.

I suggest watching episodes on Google video, YouTube, or become a humor hoarder torrent style. Something for Everyone British humor does not begin and end with dead parrots, silly walks, or Benny Hill grabbing boobies and falling on his butt. From the sci-fi of Red Dwarf, to the historically set Black Adder, Brits are advanced enough in humor to have distinct subcategories within the broader genre of comedy. If all else fails, go with something written by Chris Morris. He’s kind of a big wheel over there. Brag About It Once you’ve successfully watched a show, tell people about it. Most folks will stand in awe at your transatlantic interests. Others will write you off as a lazy, superficial snob who tries to impress people by associating his/herself with a product of entertainment. Kill these people and eat their babies, then go watch Coupling. [Editor’s note: British comedy is funny and all, but it all looks like it was shot in someone’s parent’s basement on a Hi-8 cam from 1989.]

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