Every liberal knows that unions built this country, created the middle class and saved us from everything bad like nazis and cars that are too small. Except that's not true. Unions only care about one thing: themselves. Once upon a time, a ton of people worked in factories and were in unions, so helping out unions helped out a lot of people. Things are different now. People that make cars earn like 60 grand a year and get health care even when they retire. Which would be fine, except it makes for shitty, overpriced American cars that no one wants and then the U.S. government has to bailout the car companies. Plus the unions have it fixed so that foreign cars get taxed. So the union assholes get money and health care, while the rest of us get more expensive cars, more taxes, and no health care. Going on strike for a 40-hour work week or a living wage is one thing. Lobbying the government to tax imports, on the other hand, sounds suspiciously like those evil lobbyists Democrats like to talk about. Teachers unions have it even better. They have it fixed so they can't even get fired!

What would the economy be like if no one could ever get fired? Everyone would be on Facebook or Reddit all day and nothing would get done. Pretty soon life would look like Mad Max with water, but less water than Waterworld. Still, the worst might be SAG. Actors think I should care that they don't get residuals from iTunes or whatever. Excuse me? Do I get residuals when I edit some crappy music video? Hell no. I'm just happy to take my 500 dollars and buy hot dogs. Not to mention the fact that YOU'RE ACTORS. You pretend to be somebody else for a living. The fact that you're paid anything at all is astounding. The fact that you're not locked up in a cage saddens me to no end. If a job doesn't pay enough, don't take the fucking job. But don't complain when someone else takes the job because it's easy, the pay is decent and some people prefer clothing and shelter to an oversized sense of self-importance.

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