For A Good Time, Call…

So my ongoing conflict with this radio station resulted in the program director finding out who I work for and threatening my boss. He leveled the threat of, "if your people see fit to mess with my business, maybe I'll just have to mess with yours." His hallow threats were stupid because I was going to fuck him up either way. Threatening a guy I work with meant he was going to get it even worse. So after I called the phone company as this guy to shut the radio station's phones off before their big call-in show, I made him wish I'd turned off his home phone as well. He would have much rather had his friends hear a disconnect notice than a greeting that solicited blow jobs. I was confident that as a simple middle age guy he would have a real simple voice mail password. I called his home when I knew he was on the air. I thought 9999 might work, but he's a huge Danzig name dropper so I tried 6666 first. I was rewarded with, "you have eight saved messages." I went into options and changed his password to whatever numerical sequence spells the word BIRTHDAY. Now that's security!

I then changed his greeting to, "Hi you’ve reached John and I can’t come to the phone right now because I’ve got a huge cock in my mouth….I’d love to suck your cock too so please leave your name, number, length, girth and how you like you balls played with and I’ll call you back as soon as I get the cum off my tonsils." This happened on a Friday, late afternoon when the phone company offices were closed. That way, he had to wait until Monday to get the password reset and change the greeting. I called periodically over the weekend to ensure it was still playing. Sunday night I heard it again and laughed so hard I almost snowed in my pants. I still have his number if any of you boys would like to get a load off this weekend.

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