Eating For $20 A Week

I’m a student (read: poor) and a writer (read: poorer) and have a budget of $20 per week for everything I eat. Admittedly, I often stray closer to $25, but I’m Canadian so I don’t have a Walmart on every block. Here’s how I get by on such a budget, and why you shouldn’t. Potatoes Eat potatoes with every meal. You can get a fucking truckload of potatoes for like t

You can eat them all the time, but they taste like nothing, need gallons of hot-sauce, and also make you smell like the worst brand of farts imaginable. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any reason why I eat these. What the fuck is Omega-3, anyway? Never Eating Out For some, this is really difficult – I know how tempting it is to grab a bite with some friend

Do Drink Alcohol You may be saying, “But I get hungry when I’m drunk, too!” Yes, that’s true. But here’s why this works: when you’re drunk, you just don’t give a fuck. Which means when you get home, you have no problem stuffing your despicable, frugal face with the same shit you’ve been eating for the past three weeks

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