I love talking to actors (unsuccessful, successful, whatever). Say what you will about them – many can admittedly prove to be rather surface level, one-note friends – but they make ideal random-conversation partners. Actors love to talk, and by the very nature of their occupation they’re constantly meeting new people, so they’re probably telling you a very well

What made Jimbo so instantly fascinating was how much he was just like any other actor. First came the classic name-dropping opener. He had many nice things to say about his “bud” Johnny Knoxville, with whom he’d apparently worked with on THE RINGER. In this respect it was very much like talking to a child actor (also always interesting), as Jimbo clearly had cha

I immediately started scheming how I could get Jimbo into my crew, envisioning the level of mystique he would offer my dipshit friends and I. But, alas, before I even had time to realize what a bad and kinda sick idea this was, Jimbo’s brother sauntered up to take him home. I felt like a deviant asking for Jimbo’s contact info, so I just shook his hand and said “

A character that though insignificant enough not to necessitate a real actor, was nonetheless strategically scattered throughout the movie so they couldn’t just shoot all my stuff in one day and send me home immediately. You have the power! Good luck! PS - pick some place warm. Romania was cold.

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