There’s nothing wrong with disagreements. It’s okay to bicker about…well, just about any fucking thing. Fighting no matter how small the issue. It doesn’t matter what you argue about, all that matters is that you win. But when you "agree to disagree," you are just plain quitting. And quitters never win – I learned that from my middle school soccer coach…right after I told him I was quitting. Agreeing to disagree is the coward’s way out. It is passive aggressiveness at it’s finest. You are basically saying, “I don’t have the strength nor courage to go on fighting. I still think you are a moron and I still hate your fucking guts, but I’m just too physically and emotionally drained from arguing. I want to go home and nap. So let’s agree to disagree.” Frankly, I think less of people when they use that phrase, especially if they are my friends. I would rather argue with them and try to get my point across even if it means ending that friendship. Sure, I may be a lonely asshole but at least I’ve have won the argument. And in the long run, isn’t that all that really matters?

[By the way, does that phrase even mean anything? Think about it. “Agreeing to disagree” is what you are doing when you are in the middle of an argument! By fighting you are already “in agreement” that you both think what the other person is saying is horseshit. Isn’t saying it redundant?] In fact, when someone says let’s agree to disagree, it only makes me want to fight even harder. They may think they are being more mature and taking the high road but they are really just egging me on. I’ll start arguing about shit that has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re discussing: Person: “We can’t keep going back and forth on which candidate is more knowledgeable on foreign policy. Let’s agree to disagree, okay?” Me: “Okay…your mom’s a whore.” Simply declaring to agree to disagree doesn’t end anything. There still is no conflict resolution. The only way to get that conflict resolution is to keep arguing until blood spurts from your eye sockets.

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