The Time I Tried Writing For Porn

SPLOOGED October 5, 2011

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Mark Jawkorski

At Madatoms, we value integrity.

Come Out (For You, But Mostly Us)

MADATOMS PERSONALS September 28, 2011

Writer: Ben Siemon | Artist: Jonathan Zajdman

When you wear that crop-top, you expose more than just your hairy belly button: you expose the real you.

Everyone Stop Whining About Neflix

DEVELOPMENT HELL September 23, 2011

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Hillary White

After ALL they’ve done for you. Remember having to go to Blockbuster??

Don’t Ever Have Sober Sex

SPLOOGED September 22, 2011

You can’t regret what you can’t remember.

Why I Love

ALL FOR ROFL September 14, 2011

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Ralph Bonilla

It’s like porn for hip-hop nerds. Plus some actual porn.

I Wish My Cats Were Internet Cats

ALL FOR ROFL September 2, 2011

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Clayton Long

If only reality came in 30 second YouTube clip length.

Worst Seven Minutes Of Your Life

MADATOMS PERSONALS September 1, 2011

That aren’t spent on this website.

Justifying A Tranny Encounter

LA SURVIVAL GUIDE August 29, 2011

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Shira Haberman

It’s good to know you’re prepared to justify yourself, Rick.

When Fat People Call Themselves Out

LA SURVIVAL GUIDE August 19, 2011

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: Hillary White

As if having to look at them wasn’t bad enough.

A Note To Potential Sex Partners

SPLOOGED July 20, 2011

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Clayton Long

This is just disgusting. Why are we exposing the world to this?

The Time I Got Addicted To A Video Game

ALL FOR ROFL July 7, 2011

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Nechama Frier

This website does not condone camping or any other cheese behavior.

Thoughts While Someone Is Using Your PC

ALL FOR ROFL June 30, 2011

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Melissa Arendt

Please don’t find weird porn.

From Grove To Crackden


How being polite can lead you astray.

A Guide To Homemade Tatooing

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Jonathan Zajdman

More of a cautionary tale than a guide.

When A Gay Bar Is Just Too Gay


Writer: Junior Owens | Artist: Shira Haberman

Apparently, half naked dudes tustling around with their legs wrapped around each other means different things to different people.