Modern Uses Of Medieval Torture Devices


Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

Gitmo not included.

Attending Concerts Through The Ages

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Clayton Long

I will use my walker to steal drugs into Coachella 2062.

Civil War Reenactors Vs. Larpers

Writer: Philip Moon | Artist: Sean Metcalf

Bigots vs. virgins. The ultimate showdown!

How To Be A Pretencious Cyclist

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Hillary White

I can’t be one because my bike keeps gettings stolen.

A Guide To Homemade Tatooing

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Jonathan Zajdman

More of a cautionary tale than a guide.

The Sunglasses Inversion Equation

Writer: Matthew Gudernatch | Artist: Kira Crugnale

Don’t be fooled. Girls with pretty faces don’t have to accesorize like Bono.

Why I Am Now Into Lady Gaga

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Shira Haberman

Hey look! We’re being positive about something!

Summer Vacation: Then And Now

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: Julia Scott

Sigh. I wanna be a kid again. 🙁

End Of The World Predictions Timeline

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Jimmy Giegerich

Boy, we sure will look silly if the world does end on Saturday…

Poor Us

Writer: Michelle Lewis | Artist: Sean Metcalf

Cocoa Cola used to have cocaine in it. Nowadays, you actually have to add it yourself.


Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Nechama Frier

Someone is definitely getting beat up for this.

The Realities Of The Farmer’s Market

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: Nechama Frier

So. Many. Gourds.

Ridiculous Dog Products

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: David Hwang

It makes me sad that this shit exists…

Why We Love The Social Network

Writer: Michelle Lewis | Artist: Sean Metcalf

That Justin Timberlake is a delight!

I’m Scared Of Bieber Fever

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: Sean Metcalf

There must be a vaccination or something!