Whiskey Business – Calling In Drunk (S2E7)

10 hours of drinking has led to this. And it goes no where.


How a director makes his actress comfortable for her topless scene.

How We’re Reacting To Someone Having Bedbugs

LIVING THE DREAM July 22, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Jenny Tiffany

Not well, basically.

Teat Beat of Sex: Lizard

First kiss goes French.

Straight Girl Explains Lesbian Sex – Calling In Drunk (S2E6) – MadAtoms

It’s not so much about “Who finishes first” as it is “Are you done yet? I have yoga in the morning.”

When I Expose My Moobs In Public I Feel Like A Feminist

LIVING THE DREAM July 17, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

Such liberation!

I’m Sure You’ve Heard of It: Episode 3

Lindsey has a new fan. Sparky tries to call a meeting but Brianna is not around. She’s been sleeping with Claremont the cameraman.

D-Guy – MadAtoms

Hollywood schmuck gives back to the homeless!

Why We’re Not Quitting Our Day Jobs

LIVING THE DREAM July 15, 2013

Writer: John Pope | Artist: Zlatko Parmakovski

Not found: “Because we’re happy.”

Teat Beat of Sex: Respect

Respect swings both ways!

How We’re Spending A Heat Wave

LIVING THE DREAM July 11, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Johnny Rodriguez

Other than trying to forget that three weeks ago we were complaining about how cold it was.

Calling in Drunk: Sex On The First Date

Sarah and Loryn ask The Man of a Kajillion Voices (Brock Baker) if he puts out.

The Starlet Strangler: Mike

Meet Mike….the starlet strangler!

When It’s The Right Time To Give Up & Let Yourself Go

LIVING THE DREAM July 10, 2013

Writer: Liz Breen | Artist: Danielle Davis

Right now, basically.