Roger learns the hard way that bodybuilding message board comments are impossible to understand, and are THE WORST.

He also starts to delve into the secret homoerotic-ness behind male fitness and how scared bodybuilders are of seeming gay. But wait…don’t ripped men love looking at other ripped men? YES. #nohomo.

28 Days: From Reddit Account To Porn Account

ALL FOR ROFL September 16, 2013

And what a fast month it is.

Teat Beat of Sex: Barn

The sacred realm of virginity.

Alcohol is Healthy with Meghan Tonjes – Calling In Drunk (S3E4)

Drunk: The Musical. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/VRnlVB

Pop Culture “Explained”: Purple Drank

Purple drank “explained” by a grumpy old man!

Petty Cash: How A Generation Spends $20

HIP TODAY GONE TOMORROW September 10, 2013

Writer: John Pope | Artist: Danielle Davis

What do 86+ year olds do with $20? No one cares.

Jacked on ‘Roids: Episode #2

Roger meets Terry, an insanely ripped trainer that obviously is hiding horrible, terrible, AWFUL anger issues–like, really really bad anger issues–like HOLY SHIT, dude–most likely due to both ‘roids usage and trying to hide his gay-ness from the insanely homophobic body-building world. Roger and Terry don’t hit it off so well, especially when it is revealed that Roger knows Tred. AND SO DOES TERRY.

Teat Beat of Sex: Job

Blowjob Mystique.

Where We’re Going In Our Time Machine


Writer: John Pope | Artist: Danielle Davis

Hitler reference: check.

Awkward Hand Jobs with JoshuaDTV – Calling In Drunk (S3E3)

To Sobriety & Beyond.

I’m Sure You’ve Heard of It: Episode #4

The gang has a meeting about merchandising to capitaize on the popularity of the show.

Dear People Who Only Play Sports Video Games: WTF?

ALL FOR ROFL September 3, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

An open letter to jock gamers everywhere.

Jacked On ‘Roids: Episode #1

Roger is recently divorced and trying to get in shape to get effed on his upcoming singles cruise, so he’s training under the “tutelage” of Tred, an online fitness guru that wears a SKI MASK. This is stupid. Roger soon realizes it’s stupid, so he decides to dabble in steroids…THAT HE BUYS FROM THE GUY IN THE SKI MASK. This is also stupid.

Twerking in Handcuffs with SASSIBOB

Orange is the new drunk.

Signs You Can’t Party Like You Used To

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Emily Niland

On the bright side, you’re probably way better at, like, doing laundry or whatever.