I’m 23 And There’s A Fucking Monster Under My Bed

A young guy moves back in with his parents, only to realize that the monster which tormented him as a child is still there.

Halloween “Costumes” By People Who Didn’t Dress Up

LIVING THE DREAM October 22, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

It’s like asking a fat woman when they’re due – times ten!

Corpse Art – The Sad Slasher #3

Tricking the final victim of your killing spree into stumbling across the corpses of her friends isn’t as easy as it looks.


Local Business Owners – Chicken Banks #7

Local Business owners, Tastee and Ang find Tequila at Best Bru getting his hair done.

The Realities of Halloween Parties

LIVING THE DREAM October 18, 2013

Writer: Rick Paulas | Artist: Josh House

Start working on your costume today! Get a head-start and… oh, who are we kidding? Sheet Ghost it is.

Mugging – D Guy #2

Holllywood asshole teaches mugger how to mug.

Unintentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes

POLITICALLY ERECT October 16, 2013

Writer: Tim Saccardo | Artist: Jordan Monsell

Kids dress up as the darnedest things.

Integrity – Chicken Banks #6

Willie goes straight to the top of the Best Bru food chain. Music by Barry Burns of Mogwai.

Should you kiss with tongue? – Calling In Drunk (S3E8)

SEASON 3 FINALE: You asked. We answered. Sarah & Loryn drunkenly address some of the most ridiculous questions from their Tumblr page.

Japanophilia – Pop Culture “Explained”

Japanophilia “explained” by a grumpy old man.

Big Corporation Vs. Small Business – Chicken Banks #5

Local restauranteur, Hratch, finds Tequila eating corporate mediterranean food from vending machines at Best Bru.

Why Your Girlfriend Is Mad About Your Online Presence

ALL FOR ROFL October 4, 2013

I got 99 problems and the 21st century is one.

Drunk To The Future – Calling In Drunk (S3E7)

Interview with our future selves.

Tug Bodean’s Acting Reel

Tug Bodean is a fantastic character actor that can play any role imaginable!

How To Train Raw – Jacked On Roids #5

Roger learns all the compound movements, the base of any good training regiment. RIGHT?! But he also learns–finally–that you can’t get ripped in like a week. (His training montage decidedly DOES NOT look like a Rocky montage)

So Roger decides to juice for reals. EXCEPT HE TAKES ALL HIS ‘ROIDS AT ONCE…which gives him the need to effing kill.