On The Lot With Chad Stump: Movie Love

Chad Stump knows how to make actors comfortable when filming movie love!

Calling In Drunk – Dating

After downing several shots, Sarah and Loryn banter on about dating and the similarities/differences of their gay girl/straight girl #sexperiences. Yes, this was strategically arranged to be discussed early on in the experiment to prevent them from giving drunk shout outs to their exes.

On The Lot With Chad Stump: Actor/Director

Chad Stump knows not to play favorites with his actors, even if his actor is himself!

The Katie Kooter Show: Season Finale

Katie Kooter reflects on her actions these past eight weeks and might even consider changing her ways.

Teat Beat of Sex: Kirby

The matter of size. It is about sex from a woman’s point of view. Explicit and educational.

Zackin’ Off: Season Finale

Zack got fired! Here’s a tribute to his legacy!

The Katie Kooter Show: Audition Tape

Katie Kooter and Annie sit down to talk about the tough questions in life!

Zackin’ Off: Artsy Filmmaking

Zack decides to show us what a real short should look like.

The Katie Kooter Show: High On Cleaning

Katie Kooter will clean, but only if she’s high!


Zack gets one step closer to a pot of gold through the use of branding.

The Katie Kooter Show: Table Read

Katie Kooter prepares for this weeks table read.

Zackin’ Off: Bathroom Break

Zack found the bathroom, but lost his mind!

The Katie Kooter Show: ASMR

Katie Kooter takes a stab at an ASMR video.

Zackin’ Off with Chadd Harbold

Zack only wanted to meet Chadd in person to make some money and smell him.

The Katie Kooter Show: Episode #3

Katie Kooter is back at it again trying to make copies of Chris’s stupid cat.