I’m Sure You’ve Heard of It: Episode 2

Jeremy masturbates in the bathroom and then the gang discovers Fuck passed out in the dressing room.

Pop Culture Explained: One Direction

One Direction “explained” by a grumpy old man to adults!

Teat Beat of Sex: Trouble

Masturbation keeps you safe!

How To Break Up with HART – Calling In Drunk (S2E2)

HARTBEAT twerks on Sarah and Loryn. Also, orgasms.

Teat Beat of Sex: Juice

For woman who need panties.

2 Lesbians 1 Straight Girl – Calling In Drunk (S2E1)

Sarah and Loryn get drunk (again). This time with SASSIBOB.

I’m Sure You’ve Heard of It: Episode 1

Welcome to Radicalifornicate Records. This music store doesn’t actually sell music, just accessories. It’s about to become the subject of a huge new reality show…on the web.

On The Lot With Chad Stump – Film Festivals

Chad Stump submits to every film festival so he has a 110% chance of getting in!

Vegan VS. Paleo – Calling In Drunk

Sarah and Loryn have a drunk cook off. 8 hours of drinking has led to this.

The Albert Einstein of Methematics: Jim Jim

Meet Jim Jim…The Albert Einstein of Methematics.

Stone Cold Jokester: Chavo

My name is Chavo and I’m going to murder you…just kidding!

Drunk Girl Olympics – Calling In Drunk

There are no losers. Except your dignity.

Are you her Mr. Right?

Are you her Mr. Right? Post her bail and find out!

Admitted Crack Addict and Chocoholic: Terry

Meet Terry…an admitted crack addict and chocoholic!

On The Lot With Chad Stump: Pitching Ideas

Chad Stump knows how to deal with nerves when it comes to pitching an idea!