Pop Culture “Explained”: Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson “explained” by a grumpy old man!

Chicken Banks: Episode #2

Tequila is assaulted by the local police and a young skater, Willie, asks too many questions. #AnimationMonth

Teat Beat of Sex: Score

Men like to score, women to adore.

Chubby Rummy Bear Challenge with GAY GOD

There’s no place like drunk.

Chicken Banks: Episode #1

Tequila Lovely discovers that his local tattoo artist has been replaced by a vending machine mad by some company called Best Bru.

Teat Beat of Sex: Envy

Enlarge your penis envy!

EXTRAS – Calling In Drunk

The sh*t we couldn’t show you. SEASON 3 COMING SOON!

Teat Beat of Sex: Puzzle

The Missing Piece. Her first time.

Calling In Drunk Reads Your Comments


Calling In Drunk follows Sarah (gay) and Loryn (straight) as they drink and film 8 episodes, all in 1 day. Same concept. More drunk.

Teat Beat of Sex: Dawn

Competitive Sex Education

SOBRIETY TEST FAIL – Calling In Drunk Finale

Breathalyze or deathalyze? Season 2 Finale.

Pop Culture Explained: Bronies

Bronies “explained” by a grumpy old man to adults!

Teat Beat of Sex: Graveyard

Make-out mess!

Whiskey Business – Calling In Drunk (S2E7)

10 hours of drinking has led to this. And it goes no where.

Teat Beat of Sex: Lizard

First kiss goes French.