Twins – Dream Crushers #3

In Twins: Dream Crushers #3, Sarah learns that she is having twins! Luckily Will Sasso and Bryan Callen are there to help move forward the pregnancy. Warning: The following video contains extreme violence. And terrible, terrible friends. 
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Worst baby shower ever!

How To Pre-game – Calling In Drunk

The boobs must go on.

Poetry Reading – Dream Crushers #2

When Will Sasso is given the prestigious honor to read his poetry to the Dali Lama,  Bryan Callen and pals are there to support their pal…and laugh in his face. Warning: The following video contains extreme violence. And terrible, terrible friends.

Bribery – Chicken Banks #8

Bribing the police works 60% of the time every time.

Interview With A Zombie

To Sobriety & Beyond. Subscribe!

When A Stranger Drunk Dials

Blue balls can be deadly. Presented by Calling In Drunk.

Local Business Owners – Chicken Banks #7

Local Business owners, Tastee and Ang find Tequila at Best Bru getting his hair done.

Mugging – D Guy #2

Holllywood asshole teaches mugger how to mug.

Integrity – Chicken Banks #6

Willie goes straight to the top of the Best Bru food chain. Music by Barry Burns of Mogwai.

Should you kiss with tongue? – Calling In Drunk (S3E8)

SEASON 3 FINALE: You asked. We answered. Sarah & Loryn drunkenly address some of the most ridiculous questions from their Tumblr page.

Japanophilia – Pop Culture “Explained”

Japanophilia “explained” by a grumpy old man.

Big Corporation Vs. Small Business – Chicken Banks #5

Local restauranteur, Hratch, finds Tequila eating corporate mediterranean food from vending machines at Best Bru.

Drunk To The Future – Calling In Drunk (S3E7)

Interview with our future selves.

How To Train Raw – Jacked On Roids #5

Roger learns all the compound movements, the base of any good training regiment. RIGHT?! But he also learns–finally–that you can’t get ripped in like a week. (His training montage decidedly DOES NOT look like a Rocky montage)

So Roger decides to juice for reals. EXCEPT HE TAKES ALL HIS ‘ROIDS AT ONCE…which gives him the need to effing kill.


Snitches Get Stitches – Chicken Banks #4

Who paid the cops to beat up Tequila? Willie leads the investigation!