In association with Fox Movietone News comes an ode to the best year EVER, performed by the super-popular mega-group Groverz’ Cornerz’.


How a director makes his actress comfortable for her topless scene.

Last Words

The last words of a solider are a very sacred thing.


Comedy about an unwell woman and her deranged therapist.

MadAtoms Shot of the Week – Stock Market

The Dow Jones industrial average recently rose above the 15,000 mark. We ask average Americans how these historical stock markets highs are affecting them.


Radio Silence

Two rabid basketball fans are faced with the difficulty of recording a playoff game and having to avoid hearing the final score before getting home.

Sophie Can Walk

Sophie McInnes was born on September 16th, 2006. Doctor’s said she’d be unable to walk for at least a year. Her father, Gavin McInnes, will do anything in his power to prove them wrong.


Are you pussy whipped? Well why don’t you try taking Testemax! Watch the video to learn about the side effects.

RPG OKC: Part 2

Two 8-bit video game characters enter the world of online dating.

RPG OKC: Part 1

Two 8-bit video game characters enter the world of online dating.

Davey and The Son of Goliath

In a parody of the animated television series “Davey and Goliath,” Davey becomes a serial killer.


A group of friends fuck with their passed out friend for being an ass the night before.

Excuse Me

A couple threatens to splinter apart due to what may or may not have been said in the heat of passion.

Bad Cars

Dating in Los Angeles is hard, especially when you have a shitty car.


Jenn (Jenn Harris) and Matt (Matthew Wilkas) are best friends from college who are now in their 30s. Lately, their relationship has dwindled to the occasional social-networking exchange. In an effort to “reconnect,” they decide to have a baby together, taking the easiest, cheapest route of just having sex—even though Matt is gay and Jenn is straight.