Free Tequila – Chicken Banks #9

Free Tequila for everyone!

The Best Bru CEO bails Tequila out of jail in order to get him to try to bring an “urban clientel” to the store. Dalek performs at the “Free Tequila” sale.

Bribery – Chicken Banks #8

Bribing the police works 60% of the time every time.

Local Business Owners – Chicken Banks #7

Local Business owners, Tastee and Ang find Tequila at Best Bru getting his hair done.

Integrity – Chicken Banks #6

Willie goes straight to the top of the Best Bru food chain. Music by Barry Burns of Mogwai.

Big Corporation Vs. Small Business – Chicken Banks #5

Local restauranteur, Hratch, finds Tequila eating corporate mediterranean food from vending machines at Best Bru.

Snitches Get Stitches – Chicken Banks #4

Who paid the cops to beat up Tequila? Willie leads the investigation!

Chicken Banks: Episode #3

Tequila discovers that the store next door has turned into a store full of vending

Chicken Banks: Episode #2

Tequila is assaulted by the local police and a young skater, Willie, asks too many questions. #AnimationMonth

Chicken Banks: Episode #1

Tequila Lovely discovers that his local tattoo artist has been replaced by a vending machine mad by some company called Best Bru.