Vegan VS. Paleo – Calling In Drunk

Sarah and Loryn have a drunk cook off. 8 hours of drinking has led to this.

Drunk Girl Olympics – Calling In Drunk

There are no losers. Except your dignity.

What’s Your Cup Size? – Calling In Drunk

No fucks were given in the making of this episode.

Does Penis Size Matter? – Calling In Drunk

Drunk answers to sober questions.

Drinko de Mayo – Calling In Drunk

Does anyone really know the meaning of Cinco de Mayo? These girls sure don’t.

Calling In Drunk: How To Be A Lesbian and How To Be Friends With One

Sarah teaches Loryn her best pickup lines and gets her own lesson on how to be friends with a straight girl who asks A LOT of questions.

Over the course of 8 episodes, Sarah (gay) and Loryn (blonde) get drunk and talk about the straight girl vs. gay girl perspective on life, love, and alcohol. Follow them in real time on their journey to inebriation and watch them attempt to make sense of their lives through double vision.

Calling In Drunk: OkCupid

The alcohol from episode 1 starts to take effect as Loryn and Sarah share their OKCupid #sexperiences.

Calling In Drunk – Dating

After downing several shots, Sarah and Loryn banter on about dating and the similarities/differences of their gay girl/straight girl #sexperiences. Yes, this was strategically arranged to be discussed early on in the experiment to prevent them from giving drunk shout outs to their exes.