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Seducing Girls with Max NoSleeves – Calling In Drunk (S3E5)

There’s no crying in alcohol. Subscribe!


Alcohol is Healthy with Meghan Tonjes – Calling In Drunk (S3E4)

Drunk: The Musical. Subscribe!

Awkward Hand Jobs with JoshuaDTV – Calling In Drunk (S3E3)

To Sobriety & Beyond.

Twerking in Handcuffs with SASSIBOB

Orange is the new drunk.

Chubby Rummy Bear Challenge with GAY GOD

There’s no place like drunk.

EXTRAS – Calling In Drunk

The sh*t we couldn’t show you. SEASON 3 COMING SOON!

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Calling In Drunk follows Sarah (gay) and Loryn (straight) as they drink and film 8 episodes, all in 1 day. Same concept. More drunk.

SOBRIETY TEST FAIL – Calling In Drunk Finale

Breathalyze or deathalyze? Season 2 Finale.

Whiskey Business – Calling In Drunk (S2E7)

10 hours of drinking has led to this. And it goes no where.

Straight Girl Explains Lesbian Sex – Calling In Drunk (S2E6) – MadAtoms

It’s not so much about “Who finishes first” as it is “Are you done yet? I have yoga in the morning.”

Calling in Drunk: Sex On The First Date

Sarah and Loryn ask The Man of a Kajillion Voices (Brock Baker) if he puts out.

Tricking People Into Thinking You’re Sober – Calling In Drunk

How to act sober whilst drunk. New drunkisodes every Thursday!

Don’t Fuck With Dinosaurs – Calling In Drunk (S2E3)

Now buzzed, Sarah and Loryn consult @GoodBoyMorgan on tips (read: disguises) for sneaking out of awkward situations.

How To Break Up with HART – Calling In Drunk (S2E2)

HARTBEAT twerks on Sarah and Loryn. Also, orgasms.

2 Lesbians 1 Straight Girl – Calling In Drunk (S2E1)

Sarah and Loryn get drunk (again). This time with SASSIBOB.