The Anti-Gay Day Planner


Writer: Ben Siemon | Artist: Matt Hiouston

Hating homosexuals has never been easier.

If I Were Born A Decade Later I’d Definitely Be A Pervert

SPLOOGED April 17, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

The internet is a scary, arousing place.

Pooped: The Tale Of The Lingerie Store Bowel Bandit

LIVING THE DREAM April 15, 2013

Writer: Alexandra Wayne | Artist: Remy Mattei

With a guest appearance from Tyra Banks!

A Hipster-Themed Party For Hipsters

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Alek Morawski

It’s like, ironic, man.

How Your Apartment Is Cock-Blocking You

SPLOOGED March 27, 2013

Writer: John Pope | Artist: Emily Niland

Assuming you’ve somehow managed to get her there in the first place.

How To Fake A Language In A Foreign Place

LIVING THE DREAM March 22, 2013

Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Miguel Manzur

Easier said in English than done.

Why Motorcycle Riders Are Selfish Assholes

LIVING THE DREAM March 20, 2013

Writer: Adam Kurtz | Artist: Quynh Pham

Fuck them, that’s why.

How To Build The Most Excruciating Facebook Feed Ever

ALL FOR ROFL February 19, 2013

Writer: Dan Eder | Artist: Marek Haiduk

It only takes five friends to absolutely ruin your Facebooking experience.

Annoying Things To Pack Before Runyon Canyon

LA SURVIVAL GUIDE February 15, 2013

Writer: Dan Eder | Artist: Remy Mattei

Total price tag: $14,349.

Justifying Your Shitty Job To Your Parents

LIVING THE DREAM February 14, 2013

Writer: Dan Eder | Artist: Sean Metcalf

Because when you’ve got a shitty dead-end job, your biggest concern should really be what your parents think…

Date Night Ideas


Writer: Dan Eder | Artist: Miguel Manzer

For a committed relationship.

Foreigners Are Annoying, Too

LA SURVIVAL GUIDE February 4, 2013

Writer: Kristin Wong | Artist: Melissa Arendt

It’s ok! This was written by a half-Asian.

How To Do The Dad Dance

LIVING THE DREAM February 4, 2013

Writer: Dan Eder | Artist: Remy Mattel

It’s an art not worth perfecting.

Explaining One Direction To Adults


Writer: Matt Houghton | Artist: Shira Haberman

For someone who is unabashedly, painfully bitter.

CBS Sitcom Drinking Games

LIVING THE DREAM November 22, 2012

Writer: Kyle Anderson | Artist: Miguel Manzur

Because the only way to get through an epsiode of 2 Broke Girls is completely off your ass.